Aesculap Cordless Clipper Econom CL Equipe

The cordless version of the Econom Equipe boasts unlimited clipping, perfect balance and exceptional cutting results.

• high shearing speed due to high number of strokes

• glides through the coat while producing less noise

• low heat thanks to high air throughput

• ergonomic handling thanks to slim housing and balanced weight distribution

• tool-free filter change

• uniform and long-lasting cut quality thanks to low-wear shearing head

• shearing heads made from abrasion-resistant carbon steel can be repeatedly reground

The GT816 set includes 2 Li-ion batteries (GT801)

Intelligent battery technology: provides just enough power that's needed and switches to "standby" mode after 1 h of inactivity (increases the lifespan of the battery).
technical data
Clipping head system:
Shearing blade set
EC motor
Stroke rate:
approx. 2,250 strokes/min
Gear box:
Spur gear
Battery technology:
2600 mAh, lithium-ion
Run time:
approx. 80 min
Charging time:
approx. 70 min
sound pressure level:
approx. 70 dB
approx. 1,250 g
supplied package:
1 Econom CL Equipe Battery-Operated Clipper
+ 1 charger (GT803)
+ Li-ion battery (GT801) / + Li-Ionen-Akku (GT801)
+ 1 upper blade (GT505)
+ 1 lower blade (GT502) (3 mm)
+ 1 Aesculap oil (GT604)
+ 1 operation manual
+ 1 durable hard-shell case
ref. no.
Spare Battery for Econom CL
1 1/14
Precision Adjusting Aid Torqui for Cattle/Horse Clippers
1 1/20/200