Stable and Trailer Camera Set, 2.4 GHz

2-in-1 function as a shed and trailer camera with a range of up to 1200 m!

The camera in the stable and the 2.5" LCD monitor in the house enable optimal monitoring of your animal, e.g. before, during and after birth.

Convenient for you, stress-free for your animals in labour.

• high-quality camera IP54, night vision optics up to 15 m, sound recording, wide angle lens 90°

• excellent range of 1200 m line of sight

• easy installation

• can be connected to a TV

• can also be used as a pendant camera

Add the OnLink! to make this camera set into an internet camera!

Supplied package
1 x weatherproof video camera (IP54) with 90° wide angle
2 x directional antennae for 1200 m range between shed and your home
1 x AVLink for a greater range within the house
1 x wireless 2.5” LCD monitor with speaker for mobile monitoring + extensive accessories
1 x 5 m antenna cable (for house)
1 x 25 m antenna cable (for stable)
ref. no.
Stable and trailer camera set 2.4 GHz
Additional stable camera including external antenna and video cable