Outdoor Horse Blanket RugBe Zero

Optimal fit and sufficient freedom of movement don't have to be mutually exclusive! The Outdoor Blanket RugBe Zero combines both features in a new design. The newly developed bib allows for ground-covering movements by the horse on the one hand, and a perfect fit on the other.

• cosy polyester lining that does not chafe the coat

• keeps the horse dry from the outside and regulates temperature

• High-quality, tear-resistant 600 Denier polyester

• Classic cut

• surcingle on belly

• with tail flap, leg straps and synthetic rubber withers cushioning

• overlapping chest buckles with quick-fastening thanks to metal carabiners and pin buckles

• extremely water-resistant up to a 3000 mm water column

• 3000 g/m²/24 h (air permeability)

Additional accessories
back length
total length
ref. no.
grey 105 cm 155 cm 3297749
grey 115 cm 165 cm 3297750
grey 125 cm 175 cm 3297751
grey 135 cm 185 cm 3297752
grey 145 cm 195 cm 3297753
grey 155 cm 205 cm 3297754
grey 165 cm 215 cm 3297755