MagicBrush Soft

MagicBrush Soft is the care and cuddling brush that is ideal for the particularly sensitive areas of horses and ponies, such as head and ears.

Even highly sensitive horses and ponies enjoy care with the new MagicBrush Soft.

The cheerful colours - tropic yellow, light blue and purple - combined with the colourful prints are really fun.

• the ultra-soft Quadro bristles clean particularly gently

• the gentle massage increases the horse's well-being

• gentle cleaning with a cuddly effect - for happy horses, ponies and riders

• the brushes are manufactured, printed and packed in the EU

MagicBrush – simply bright!

ref. no.
3297684 turquoise 1/80 2,400
3297683 white lily 1/80 2,400