Due to its special properties Technovit 6091, a quick-curing plastic material, has proven to be an indispensable universal resin used in veterinary medicine and for claw care and treatment. Ideal for certain indications, Technovit 6091 contributes to the veterinarian’s therapy shortening considerably the otherwise quite long healing periods. In the field of claw and hoof treatment Technovit 6091 covers the following possible applications: for immobilizing claws in case of inflammatory diseases, fixing claw tips, concealing hoof defects, horn cracks, shaping the hooves and orthopaedic hoof treatment, especially in foals (e.g. club-foot, prosthesis).

ref. no.
Accelerator for Technovit
1/120 480
Technovit powder 1000 g
1/70 140
Technovit liquid 500 ml
1/144 288