The fast, 2-part PU adhesive for hoof treatment!

The benefits at a glance:

• dries within 30 seconds

• can be used at a 45° and a 90° angle

• the hoof can bear full weight again after approx. 3 minutes (if stored correctly over 15° C)

• bonds powerfully and permanently to wood and rubber blocks

• easy to use - no mixing, no waste

Here's how simple it is to use: Remove the seal on the cartridge and connect up the mixing tip. Eject a small amount of adhesive. This must be done so that the two components mix as effectively as possible. Now apply a bead of adhesive onto the block. Place the block quickly onto the pre-prepared, clean and dry, healthy hoof. After around 30 seconds, the adhesive will have set, and after around 2-3 minutes, the hoof can weight-bear again.

professional starter set with XL wooden blocks
Sets include:
1 x 160 ml cartridge with 2-part adhesive
10 x mixing tips
10 x wooden blocks XL
1 x dispensing gun
ref. no.
Technovit-2-Bond starter set incl. dispensing gun for 10 applications
1 1
Technovit-2-Bond set for 10 applications (no dispensing gun)
1 1
Technovit-2-Bond cartridge, 160 ml
1 1/10
Dosing gun for Technovit-2-Bond for 160 ml cartridge
1 1/10
Mixing tips, 10 x
1 1/10/240