Technobase 2CB

The new, two-colour, 2-component PU adhesive for hoof treatment

Technobase 2CB is the next development of existing two-component adhesives.

The correct mixing ratio is displayed immediately as the adhesive is squeezed out thanks to the green colouring.

The technology has also been improved in terms of the following details compared to conventional two-component adhesives:

• after curing, the adhesive does not become brittle, thereby sticking better to the hoof and block

• the curing period at low temperatures below 5 °C has been shortened, which means the adhesive can be worked with quickly during winter too

• the high-quality 200 ml cartridge, which can be opened and closed again with just a few actions and no need for tools, guarantees maximum reliability in relation to hoof care. The correct attachment of the special mixing cannulas is made child's play thanks to the specific accepting bolts, ensuring the correct mixing ratio with minimum waste!

Other advantages at a glance:

• drying time (laboratory values): 25 °C - 13 sec; 18 °C - 18 sec.; 10 °C - 25 sec.; 5 ° C - 35 sec.

• bonds powerfully and permanently to wood and rubber blocks

• even easier to use thanks to the easy-to-handle and recloseable cartridge

For anyone who does not want to use large cartridges due to the small amount of adhesive required, the single-use cartridges offer the ideal alternative with their content of 25 ml.

The 25 ml content is designed precisely for single-use applications. The matching mixing cannula is already integrated into the air-tight packaging!

It couldn’t get much easier: Open the packaging, screw on the mixing cannula, press and go!

The handy Farmer Set contains four of the ready-to-use, single-use 25 ml cartridges including the matching mixing cannulas and four wooden blocks.

ref. no.
Mixer cannulas, 12 pcs
- 1/10 1,140
Technobase 2CB mixer cannulas 10 pcs., for ref. no. 16276
1/10/240 2,880