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Rat and Mouse Control

Mouse and Rat Baits

Ratron Granulate *

• against rats and mice in the stable and house

• the modern active substance brodifacoum (0.05 g/kg) in the attractive bait granulate guarantees absolute control success

• distribute in preferred place in bait stations (1-2 power packs or 40 - 80 g spaced 8-10 m for rats, 1 power pack or 40 g spaced 2-4 m apart for mice)

• check daily and continue until the rodents no longer take it

• blood coagulation inhibitors resulted in delayed death after 4 – 8 days

• rodents of the same species are not warned and continue to eat

Product with dangerous properties as per the Regulation on Prohibited Chemicals (expertise required)!

With our new line of rodenticides, we offers you a wide selection of products with the most successful 2nd generation active agents currently available on the market.

• Cereal baits are classic bait formulations. When using cereal baits, it is important to ensure that other food sources are more difficult to reach.

• Blocks are suitable for use in high humidity environments such as drainage systems. The addition of additional cereal pieces has made our bait blocks very attractive.

• Gel or pasta pads are very attractive because of their high fat and moisture content, even in the presence of other food sources.

Brodifacoum is very highly toxic. To protect non-targeted organisms, it is important to ensure that the bait cannot be taken or removed from the bait station with this active ingredient before it is taken. In order to prevent secondary poisoning it is also recommended to use it in closed rooms only.

Difenacoum and bromadiolone are the best-known 2nd generation agents and have been used for years in the home, in municipalities and in agriculture for rat and mouse control. Secondary poisoning does not pose any risk when these agents are used correctly.

Apply rodenticides responsibly, always read labels and pay attention to the instructions for product use.

Bait application for all products:

• rats, approximately 100 - 200 g / bait station every 10 - 20 m

• house mice, approx. 20 g / bait station every 3 - 5 m

All products contain bitter substances to prevent consumption by non-targeted organisms (e.g. children)

Destructive rodents die from inner bleeding after 5 – 14 days

* Take care when using biocides. Always read the label and product information before use!

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