Hygiene Sleeve Protector

The tight-fitting wrist cuff makes sure that no water, etc. can get into the sleeve protector. Scissors can be used, if necessary, to shorten the cuff to customise the fit.

• made of pure polyurethane (TPU)

• food safe

• waterproof (to 3000 mm water column)

• detectable

• can be disinfected, sterilised

• extremely tear- and abrasion-resistant

• flexible in the cold down to -20 °C

• machine-washable up to 95 °C

• length: 50 cm

• in pairs

• material resistant to cleaning agents

Size S / M is ideal for wrists greater than 14 cm in scope. Size L / XL is ideal for wrists greater than 18 cm in scope. You can cut to fit with scissors.

ref. no.
15609 S/M 1/20
15610 L/XL 1/20