Grain-Moisture Level Reader WDN 1B6 of 7Moisture Level Reader for Hay and Straw



Moisture Measuring Devices

Moisture Level Reader for Hay and Straw FLK

Easy to use, yet highly accurate measuring device for determining the moisture content of hay and straw bales.

Simply insert the FLK into the item to be measured and read the water content directly on the display.

With integrated temperature measurement to enable even more precision through temperature compensation.

• measurement range 8 % to 60 % water content (depending on variety)

• solution 0.1 %

• temperature measurement: -15 °C to +85 °C

• temperature can be set to either °C or °F as desired

• hold function

• large-scale illuminated LC display

• manual data memory for 10,000 values with measuring point description

• supplier memory management

• automatic calculation of averages

• menu in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian

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Probe length 60 cm