Vole Tube Trap VoleX ALIVE8 of 14Vole Chaser Pulsar Solar


Pest Control

Snail and Vole Control

Sonic-Molechaser Pulsar

• 41.5 cm x Ø 8 cm

• a vibrating sound inside the stick in intervals of up to 15 seconds acts on the sensible hearing of the rodents and makes them leave within a short time the sphere of activity of the vole chaser

• the unit has a sphere of activity of a radius of 36 meters

• attraction coverage about 1.000 m²

• easy to handle

• no gas nor poison

• 100 % water-proof

• dimensions: 41.5 cm x 8 cm

• energy supply: 4 x 1.5V single-cell batteries, not included

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Vole chaser PULSAR


1.5 V single cell battery R20