Salyt® Liquid

Electrolyte and buffer solution for milk drinks

• for use when at risk of, during or after digestion disorders (diarrhoea), for loss of appetite and

reluctance to drink

• the buffer substance it contains regulates the pH value and buffer capacity of the


• electrolyte losses as a result of diarrhoea, transport stress and heat are

effectively replaced, stabilising the water balance

• the inulin (prebiotic) it contains ensures good intestinal health

Feeding recommendation: Stir 50 ml directly into milk drinks twice a day.

Dietary supplementary feed (for calves) for stabilising the water and electrolyte balance to support physiological

digestion. Predominantly electrolytes, easily absorbable carbohydrates and high buffering capacity.

Mark of quality for feeding stuffs from the Bavarian Farmers’ Association

Farms taking part in the program “Offene Stalltür” (“Open Barn Door”) commit themselves to using only feeding stuffs bearing this “A-Futter” mark (A-feed). This is to guarantee these farms’ general safety regarding animal feeding stuffs. Agrochemica quality products are also GMP+ and QS certified.

ref. no.
15730 1000 ml 1/12