Fertilgol Bolus

Beta Carotene Bolus (fertility)

A quick pregnancy shortens the calving interval and improves economic success.

• for male and female breeding animals just before and during the covering or insemination period

• supports a successful embryo transfer (recipient and donor animals)

• the high beta carotene content aids the corpus luteum formation, colostrum quality, the oestrus cycle and sperm quality

• a well-developed corpus luteum has a positive influence on the embryonic survival rate

• easy and safe application through the even release of beta carotene, vitamins and trace elements over a period of min. 20 days

• the release rate has been scientifically confirmed

Feeding recommendation:

Female cows: Administer the first bolus 30 days before insemination. Administer the second bolus shortly before or after insemination

Stud bulls: Administer one bolus every 20 - 30 days during breeding season. The bolus dissolves in 20 days in the rumen

Dietary mineral feed (for cattle with fully developed rumen) to support preparation for oestrus and reproduction.

High vitamin A content.

Mark of quality for feeding stuffs from the Bavarian Farmers’ Association

Farms taking part in the program “Offene Stalltür” (“Open Barn Door”) commit themselves to using only feeding stuffs bearing this “A-Futter” mark (A-feed). This is to guarantee these farms’ general safety regarding animal feeding stuffs. Agrochemica quality products are also GMP+ and QS certified.