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Robins IB and IBD Canulas

Robins IB Injection Needles with Aluminium Attachment

• with predetermined break point IB

• Luer-Lock attachment

• 1 pack = 100 pieces

Retraceable injection needles

Who wants parts of injection needles in their steak? In order precisely to prevent this danger, Kebl offers the retraceable injection needles made by the leading brand, Robins. Even though a EU-wide regulation has not yet been worked out, member states having a high level of meat production, e.g. Denmark and France have already gone over to recommending special injection needles such as these.

The special properties of the Robins injection needles are the result of 2 components:

.1. Incorporated predetermined break points: all needles have a predetermined break point in front of the so-called "intelligent block" (IB), see illustration. This ensures that no needle can penetrate into the tissue further than this block. In the event of a fracture, the needle can be pulled out again by holding this IB

2. Can be found using metal detectors: if the broken needle cannot be found using the naked eye, despite the IB, the special alloy guarantees 100 % traceability using metal detectors. These are already widely used in abattoirs these days and ensure safe meat enjoyment.

Tested and recommended by the French Institute For Pig Husbandry and Meat Production (IFIP). The IFIP carried out a range of tests on various different Robins Canulas for traceability. All needles, concealed in various products such as sausages and pieces of meat were traced with 100 % reliability.

Other advantages of Robins IB/IBD cannulas:

• 3-fold ground angled ultra-sharp tip for optimum penetration, even after many inoculations

• special coating of the canula for simple rapid injection

• colour-coding of the sleeves for easy identification of the needle type

• gamma sterilised for clinical sterility

• individually packed in protective film for safe handling

• 100 in a practical dispenser cassette

• available in many attachment types and needle lengths for all types of animal

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Ø x length


use for

26241 pink 1,2 x 25 mm


26243 white 1,6 x 25 mm

Sheep, goats

26244 white 1,6 x 38 mm

Cattle, pigs