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Ear Marking

MultiFlex Ear Marking

Ear Tag Pliers for FlexoPlus and MultiFlex

• with grey insert

• for applying FlexoPlus and MultiFlex Ear Tags

with grey insert

MultiFlex Ear Marking

fast and trouble-free markings!

The MultiFlex Ear Tag is the latest development in animal marking technology. The completely flexible ear tag has proved in practical use (retention test) on different animal species to be very durable and kind to animals, and to present at the same time high retention rates. Due to the use of polyurethane as raw material the MultiFlex Ear Tag becomes a highly durable and efficient product. This ear tag excels particularly by its patented hard-crown tip (HCT). Its extremely sharp cutting tip pre-punches easily while tightening and fixing the ear skin. This and the integrated crown punching are the best prerequisites for soft ear punching. Air vents in the pin make sure the wound is getting ventilated to promote healing. At the same time the air vents create the intended breaking point in case the tag is pulled at. It is no longer possible to separate the ear tag. Based on present day standards, this guarantees maximum safety against tampering.

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