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Ear Marking

FlexoPlus Ear Tag

FlexoPlus Cattle Ear Tags

• specially designed for cattle

• excellent resilience with low loss rates

• highly animal-friendly

• plain

• 25 pcs./package

• yellow ear tags in stock, other colours (red, blue, green or white) available to order

When ordering please always state the required colour and numbers! Minimum order quantity for non-stock colours and numbers: 100 pcs (4 packs)

The contemporary ear tag for cattle

The FlexoPlus Ear Tag is the result of the consistent development of an ear tag developed especially for cattle.

In practical use, it offers excellent levels of animal friendliness with superb durability and low loss rates.

The hard-crown tip used, coupled with the newly developed locking system in the hole piece, ensures an even better punch effect when the ear tags are being attached.

During the process, no tissue residue or hair gets trapped in the seal and instead a smooth separation is achieved.

A smooth cut edge allows faster healing than with crushed edges.

The hard-crown tip, as well as the new red closure system, are made from extremely durable plastics that feature flexibility and excellent microbial resistance.

The integrated red closure system in the hole piece ensures excellent security against tampering and guarantees that the ear tag cannot be broken during attempts to tamper with it.

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FlexoPlus D/D, spike and hole piece


FlexoPlus F/F, spike and hole piece