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Sheep Breeding & Farming

Helf / Hygiene

Probicol® -L

• supplementary feed for lambs and little goats

• supplies new-born lambs and kids immediately after birth with immunoglobulins (colostrum) and vitamins A, D3, E to stimulate endogenous resistance

• prevents from digestive disorders (diarrhea) of nutritional origin by adding natural pre-biotics

Dosing: Immediately after birth the lambs should be given a dose of 2 ml (1 pumping). The producer recommends to administer during the critical period on the 3rd and 7th day of life and after weaning a dose of 2 ml (1 dosing). In case of digestive disorders (diarrhea) a dose of 2 ml (1 pumping) in the morning and in the evening until it subsides

for strengthening their immune system

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