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Probicol®-L Paste

Paste to increase vitality and when at risk of, during or after digestion disorders (diarrhoea).

• increases lamb vitality in three effective ways:

- strengthens the immune system

- actively stabilises natural intestinal flora

- quickly available energy

• contains valuable natural immunoglobulins from colostrum

• safe dosage by administering with the help of an injector

• allows for easy and economic administration to individual animals (especially for bottle-fed and multiple lambs)

• the lambs are more stable and recover more quickly

Feeding recommendation:

Feed lambs 2 ml of the Starter Paste immediately after birth and on the 7th day of life. If necessary, repeat the dose of Probicol-L after weaning and in the event of feeding-related digestive problems. In acute cases, the dose can be increased to 2 x 2 ml per day.

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