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Pig Breeding and Farming

Dietary Supplements

Probicol® -F liquid

For short-term additional vitamin supply and stabilisation of physiological digestion

Liquid dietary supplement with the ingredients and additives that a piglet needs right after birth, after weaning and in the case of digestive problems (diarrhoea) and physical strain.

• Lactic acid bacteria colonise the intestinal tract and so prevent the spread of harmful bacteria (e.g. E-coli).

• ideal food supplement with energy providers and vitamins A, D3 and E as well as immunoglobulins (from colostrum) for passive piglet immunisation

• easy application using the pump doser

Feeding recommendation:

1 pump = 2 ml to be given directly after birth.

Give 1 pump = 2 ml morning and evening with the piglet doser orally at the first sign of diarrhoea until the diarrhoea subsides.

for strengthening their immune system

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Probicol-F 250 ml (without doser)


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