Podoseptan® Hoof Paste

Accompanying therapy for the individual animal

Nourishes, protects and regenerates the soft tissue of claws and hooves (bulbs, coronary band, interdigital space, frogs). The new formula maintains and protects, above all, via high quality herbal extracts such as thyme and rosemary. The green colouring enables you to see immediately whether all areas have been covered sufficiently.

• for the care of keratin defects on hooves/claws

• promotes healthy horn growth

• keeps the hoof and claw keratin elastic

• promotes the natural resistance of the keratin material

• contains zinc as an important building block for skin regeneration


• thoroughly clean and dry the skin areas

• shear off any bonded hair

• apply directly on the claw or areas of skin requiring care, ensuring full coverage, under a dressing

• dressings must be regularly checked

• regular application increases the care effect

ref. no.
16363 450 ml 1/12