The Footbath SuperKombi can be connected both lengthways and sideways.

Depending on the space available in the stable, this means you can create ideal situations for the cows.

Consecutive baths are more hygienic: the first bath serves as a rinse to get rid of dirt and faecal residues from the hooves.

The second bath, the hoof hardening bath, thus remains free of dirt for longer, the disinfection solution remains usable for longer.

The newly developed base profile ensures optimal traction.

The animals go through the hoof bath more calmly, which promotes longer contact, achieving a better result.

The shape and height of the profile ensure that the cow's hoof is slightly spread, allowing the hoof bath to reach areas between claws where it will be most effective more easily.

Additional product properties:

• expandable length or width-ways

• high impact polyethylene for abrasion and chemical resistance

• suitable for use with all types of hoof bath solutions

• capacity 200 litres, with gauge display

specially designed anchor points make it easy to line up additional containers

ref. no.
l x w x h
Footbath SuperKombi
203 x 83 x 18,5 cm 200 l 1 25
Outlet for footbath / water trough