Cattle Weaner SuckStop Müller

The new and innovative Cattle Weaner SuckStop Müller will win you over with its extremely easy handling, its realised learning effect with the animal as well as the improvement of the animal's well-being.

Especially easy handling

The cattle weaner is really easy to use and can also be removed. The ring has a certain amount of elasticity which enables it to be applied without any aid. The cattle weaner is hooked onto the side of the nose and inserted into the other side by stretching the ring. The extensions here point upward.

Long-term learning effect

Regular weaning rings have spines that point outwards, which can irritate other animals and lead to a defence reaction. The animal with a strong suckling need will not learn from this situation. However, it’s a different story with the new and innovative Cattle Weaner SuckStop Müller. It corrects the suckling animal. The rounded extensions turned inward press into the nose of the animal when suckling from another animal. This impulse disrupts the act and inhibits misbehaviour. This ensures a long-term learning effect, even after just a few weeks.

Improvement of the animal’s well-being

The innovative cattle weaner can be attached and secured without any aid. The ring cannot be attached too closely and injure the nasal septum.

Animals with newly attached rings start retaking food and water after a brief time because they feel no pain. Even nipple and tongue drinkers are used by the animals without problem with the Cattle Weaner SuckStop Müller. Thus there are no output losses in the herd.

Now in a new size specifically for calves!

ref. no.
for calves
blue 6 1/6/210
for calves
blue 2 1 1/105
for calves and young cattle
transparent 6 1/6/210
for calves and young cattle
transparent 2 1 1/105
for young and mature cattle
yellow 6 1/6/210
for young and mature cattle
yellow 2 1 1/105
for mature cattle
white 6 1/6/210
for mature cattle
white 2 1 1/105