• perfect for erecting mobile and flexible fencing as well as temporary horse boxes

• also commonly used to fence off riding and training areas

• also suitable for constructing trap systems and gangways

• height of upper tube 1.6 m

• total height 1.70 m

• safety mounting bracket prevents animals from being injured. When landing on the panel, the animal does not fall between two panels if it slips

smooth oval tube 50 x 30 mm

• clear distance between tubes 20 cm

• rapid chain fastening makes it quicker and easier to connect several panels

• very stable at light loads

• curved feet ensure excellent stability

• galvanized

• galvanized

Shipping costs will be charged separately!
ref. no.
Fence component without gate
2,4 m 1
Fence component without gate
3,0 m 1
Fence component without gate
3,6 m 1