Dust Mask FFP1 NR D3 of 10Dust Mask FFP2 NR D


Workplace Safety and Clothing

Respiratory Protection

Dust Mask FFP1 NR D with Valve

• protects up to 4 x the MAK value*

• protects against dust, pollen, rust, tile dust, aqueous aerosols

• exhalation valve reduces the exhalation resistance, allowing moisture and heat to disperse more easily

• complies with EN149

The lifetime of filters depends on the humidity and temperature of the inhaled air, the chemical composition of the gases or the storage conditions.

This means a general lifetime cannot be specified.

Change the filter as soon as you notice the first unpleasant odours or inhaling becomes difficult as the filter has bonded together.

* MAK value = maximum workplace concentration (limit)

ref. no.

34512/3 3 1/5/70