The large-area Calf House made from glass fibre reinforced plastic offers space for up to 7 calves (local animal protection regulations must be observed). The additional reinforcing frame around the Calf House ensures the highest stability for even large animals. The swivelling ventilation slots control the air circulation in the back area of the Calf House. A sling bar is attached at the house roof ridge to enable easy lifting and transporting. The Calf House with fence provides optimum oversight and makes animal control easier.

• feeding places can be individually blocked

• side grilles can easily be swung back against the cabin walls

• easy access via large entrance door, even a calf transporter fits through the door

• pre-drilled holes on runners for straw catching and floor securing

• house and fencing easy to transport with a tractor

• feeding bucket and long feeder troughs not included

14540: Included: hut incl. reinforcing frames and fencing, sling bars, wooden sleeper, drinking bucket holder and four trough holders for long feed troughs (item no. 3268).

Suitable in accordance with animal welfare regulations:

Our calf houses and boxes comply with animal welfare regulations and have the optimum design for the requirements of calf rearing. Find out more online at

Local animal protection regulations must be observed! Please note separate freight costs. A front-loader with forklift will be required for unloading!
technical data
External hut dimensions
340 x 296 x 204 cm
340 x 296 x 204 cm
Fencing dimensions
280 x 299 x 120 cm
ref. no.
CalfHouse Premium XXL with Fencing
CalfHouse Premium XXL only
Additional accessories
ref. no.
Fencing for CalfHouse Premium XXL
1 1
Trough Holder for Long Feed Trough
1 100 1
Tread Protection Set
1 1
Feeding place separator
1 2 100 1