Globigen Dia Stop

Stabilises the water and electrolyte balance to support physiological digestion

• supports the calf during diarrhoea

• supply of natural egg immunoglobulins

• can reduce the use of antibiotics

• supports intestinal health

• improves weight gain

• can be used preventively

Feeding recommendation:

During, after or to prevent digestive problems (diarrhoea), mix 1 slightly heaped scoop (25 g) into 1 litre of warm (39 °C) water, milk substitute or milk twice a day. In the event of severe diarrhoea, mix 50 g of Dia Stop into 2 litres of warm water twice a day.

Dietary supplement for calves

ref. no.
15995 2 kg 1
15996 7,5 kg 1