Globigen Colostrum

High-quality colostrum supplement for the additional supply of natural immunoglobulins in the first days of life

• use in the case of insufficient colostrum quality or amount

• supply of natural egg immunoglobulins

• supports the immune system

• supports intestinal health

• can reduce the frequency of diarrhoea

• improves weight gain

• quick and easy to use

• can be stirred directly into the colostrum

Feeding recommendation:

Add to the colostrum (first milk)

Calves: 50 – 100 g per animal per day

Lambs and kids: 5 – 10 g per animal per day

Period of use: 3 – 4 days

Stir the powder into warm (approx. 39 °C) colostrum and administer during the first 6 hours of life.

To ensure the powder dissolves easily, add max. 100 g of powder per litre of milk, or max. 10 g of powder per 100 ml of milk.

Feed when no colostrum is available

Calves: Dissolve 200 g in 2 litres of normal milk, milk substitute or water

Lambs and kids: Dissolve 20 g in 0.2 litres of normal milk, milk substitute or water

Period of use: 3 – 4 days

Feed supplement for calves, lambs and kids

ref. no.
15993 1 kg 1
15994 2,5 kg 1