Salyt® Liquid

Electrolyte and buffer solution for milk drinks

• for use when at risk of, during or after digestion disorders (diarrhoea), for loss of appetite and

reluctance to drink

• the buffer substance it contains regulates the pH value and buffer capacity of the


• electrolyte losses as a result of diarrhoea, transport stress and heat are

effectively replaced, stabilising the water balance

• the inulin (prebiotic) it contains ensures good intestinal health

Feeding recommendation: Stir 50 ml directly into milk drinks twice a day.

Dietary supplementary feed (for calves) for stabilising the water and electrolyte balance to support physiological

digestion. Predominantly electrolytes, easily absorbable carbohydrates and high buffering capacity.

ref. no.
15730 1000 ml 1/12