Surlac® Plus Liquid

Liquid concentrate for the acidification of milk and milk substitutes

• Surlac Plus simplifies drinking management

• the liquid is “pre-digested” via the safe acidification Therefore, the drink remains well tolerated for young animals even under 39 °C. This is important for ad libitum, supply and cold drinks

• acidification under pH 5.5 suppresses the growth of certain bacteria (e.g. E. coli) This is also effective for preventing diarrhoea

• also serves to stabilise the intestinal flora

• Surlac Plus liquid contains essential iron Iron promotes blood formation and infection defence. This helps to increase the vitality of the calves

• feeding recommendation: Gradually stir in 3 – 5 ml of Surlac Plus per litre of milk or milk substitute. Acidification can take place from the 2nd dose of colostrum.

Supplementary feed for the acidification of milk or milk substitutes

ref. no.
15977 5000 ml 1