Agrolyt® Powder

Electrolyte and buffer concentrate for calves, pigs, lambs and foals

• powder for making a tasty electrolyte solution

• for use when at risk of, during or after digestion problems, sweating, loss of appetite and reluctance to drink

• the buffer substance it contains regulates the pH value and buffer capacity of the blood

• lost electrolytes are effectively replaced, protecting against dehydration

• suitable for machine feeders

Feeding recommendation: Dissolve 50 g (2 scoops) of powder per litre of warm water

Calves: offer 2 litres of electrolyte drink twice a day between mealtimes

Piglets, lambs, foals: make electrolyte drink freely available

Dietary supplement for stabilising the water and electrolyte balance to support physiological

digestion. Predominantly electrolytes, easily absorbable carbohydrates and high buffering capacity.

ref. no.
1575 1 kg 1/12 336
1576 5 kg 1 65