Calf Blanket EasyWear

• super lightweight and functional calf blanket for all year round

• special padding regulates the temperature and ensures excellent thermal insulation

• wind- and water-resistant due to welded stitching

• no protruding belt, thus low risk of injury for the calf

• stable plastic fasteners

• machine washable at 30 °C

• calf coats support the immune system during the first few days and prevent diarrhoea problems and other illnesses

• at temperatures below +10 °C, the risk of illness increases

• protection from sudden changes in the weather

• avoidance of cold stress in new-born calves

• the calves generally wear the Calf Blankets for 3 to 4 weeks, and longer if necessary

• calf blankets are not suitable for group housing

ref. no.
back length
14194 70 cm 1/25
14195 80 cm 1/25