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Yard Safety

LED Tubes and Moisture-proof Lights

Moisture-proof Diffuser Light for LED Tube

• housing made from glass fibre reinforced polyester, low inflammability

• cover made from acrylic glass (PMMA), transparent, pearled interior, with clip locks

• protected against powerful water jets and dust-proof (IP 65 protection class)

• with D marking according to DIN EN 60598-2-24, therefore suitable for areas at risk of fires due to combustible dusts or fibres

• incl. microfuse

• no bridging starter required

• only suitable for T8 LED Tubes (Ø 26 mm)

• suitable for LED tubes EcoSTAR and EcoSTAR Plus

LED tubes- the energy-saving alternative to classic T8 fluorescent tubes!

The advantages at a glance:

• high energy cost savings compared to regular T8 fluorescent lamps

• easy retrofit lamp replacement without re-wiring: Only the fluorescent lamp and starter must be replaced by the LED Tube and the supplied LED starter

• extremely high service life (> 30,000 h) and switching capacity

• full light output even at low temperatures

• full, immediate luminosity, no flickering, no humming

• uniform and glare-free illumination

• high colour reproduction (Ra > 80), suitable for nearly all operating site according to workplace guidelines

• sturdy plastic housing without any glass parts

• no IF radiation (low thermal output)

• no UV radiation (insects are not drawn to it)

• mercury-free

Light source not included!

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