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Electric Insect Control

Electric Insect Killers

Insect Killers HaftKill 2 x 15 W

• the model for industries such as hospitality, restaurants, bakeries, and so on, which may not use high voltage products

• with special adhesive film with no poisons and chemicals - simple, practical and safe

• wall mountable

• the ultraviolet light attracts flying insects, which are then captured on the adhesive film

• particularly suitable for the food industry thanks to the shatterproof UV lamp

• 30 % more effective than conventional UV lamps with special UVA radiation

• reduced emissions, therefore less dangerous for people thanks to reduced UVB and UVC radiation

• easy film changing without tools as required, or after one month at the latest

• lamp service life, minimum 8000 hours

shatterproof UV lamps

technical data


Power supply

230 V / 50 Hz

2 lamps

15 watts each

Attraction coverage

up to 150 m²

w x h x d

49 x 11 x 34 cm

ref. no.



Replacement foil for HaftKill, 4 pcs.


Replacement tube (unbreakable)