Blitz Cattle-Stunner

• approved as a cattle stunner by the German PTB (physikalisch-technischen Bundesanstalt Braunschweig)

• nickel-plated

• a heavy screw joint ensures that the locking piece sits firmly

• prevents the headpiece from coming loose when the bolt is shot

• the stable design minimises kickback

• accidental shooting is prevented since the firing bolt is only released when the trigger lever is fully pressed down

• the hexagonal design prevents the device from accidentally rolling onto the release lever

• when the bolt enters, an additional shock wave is released which immediately and directly anaesthetises the animal. The animal can then be slaughtered painlessly.

• resilient device includes reinforced springs for heavy use

• 9 x 17 mm calibre with centrefire

The Blitz Cattle Stunner is also available with an accessory kit. (Item no. 21255) The kit includes:

• cattle stunner Blitz (item no. 21251)

• cleaning set

• wear set

• lubricating oil 50 ml (Ballistol)

• 3 cut-outs for cartridges

• packaged in plastic case

New Safety Features

The guard prevents an inadvertent release of the lever.

The cartridge chamber has been modified to comply with C.I.P. (Permanent International Commission for the Proof of Small Arms) guidelines and to ensure that longer cartridges (e.g. 9 x 27 mm) cannot be used.

Art. 2179 (only available on request): Checking block for the day-to-day functional check of the firing apparatus as required by the German Law on Animal Protection and Slaughter.

ref. no.
Blitz Cattle Anaesthetic Device, version 2019
Blitz Cattle Stunner with accessories in a case
Additional accessories
ref. no.
use for
50 special cartridges cal. 9x17 green
piglets (from 5 kg - 30 kg), pigs, sheep (up to 1 year), calves
50 special cartridges cal. 9x17 yellow
sheep and goats (from 1 year), cows, light oxen
50 special cartridges cal. 9x17 blue
medium weight oxen and young bulls
50 special cartridges cal. 9x17 red
horses, heavy-weight oxen and adult bulls