Wooden Block Spezial for cartridge adhesive

The newly developed wooden block by Kerbl was specially developed for the use of two-part claw adhesives and makes applying claw blocks easy!

In comparison to standard blocks, this block has significantly wider grooves that provide sufficient space for the claw adhesive. The adhesives can form a stable structure in the large grooves.

The block can be completely pressed onto the claw when applying, but enough adhesive remains in the grooves to ensure a secure hold.

This means adhesive use can be minimised.

• developed with professional hoof trimmers

• simple and safe to mount

• the adhesive forms a stable structure through the integrated grooves

• very strong adhesion

• universally usable – side groove also allows the use of powder-liquid

The perfect claw block for use with two-part adhesives.

ref. no.
16150 112 mm 1/100 5,000
16150/10 112 mm 1/100 50,000
16151 130 mm 1/50 5,000
16151/10 130 mm 1/50 50,000