Mechanic Glove Helios

The Lightweight One

Extremely good fit and low weight for optimal comfort.

The glove for precision work.

• 0.5 mm ultra-thin but still durable synthetic material for precision work

• fully encompassed with Lycra for complete freedom of movement and comfort – the glove feels like a second skin

• honeycomb silicone matrix on the fingers and palms for optimal grip

• exposed points on the back of the hand reinforced with silicone

• conductive finger tips so you can still use touch screens

Keron Active Mechanics is a glove series by Albert Kerbl GmbH that is specially developed for users facing special challenges.

Designed for demanding applications – be it heat, cold, precision work, multiple uses, vibration protection and much more – you’ll find the right tool for you here.

You can achieve the optimum combination of functionality, flexibility, durability and protection with this series of high-tech gloves.

Whichever model you choose, you will always get innovative gloves made from the finest materials with optimal comfort and excellent performance.

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Moisture protection
Resistant to grease/oil