Chain Saw Glove Forester

TMTMUse of 12 layers of the new cut protection material Engtex Avertic Pro from Sweden. In contrast to conventional cut protection inserts, Engtext Avertic Pro boasts better mobility, lower weight and increased breathability. Users no longer have to worry about using chain saw gloves thanks to the perfect fit and excellent dexterity.

• protects the exposed left hand up to a chain speed of 16 m/sec.

• water-resistant and supple, chrome-free, tanned goatskin, double reinforced on the palm of the hand, for better abrasion resistance

• wristband prevents sawdust or dirt from getting in

• back of the hand made from elastic spandex for optimum mobility and elasticity

• signal colours to make them easier to find in undergrowth

• tested according to EN 381-7, CAT III

• area of use: forestry, landscaping


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Moisture protection
Resistant to grease/oil