Ergo Long Handle Ratchet Tie Down Strap

2-piece with double J-hook

• 50 mm wide

• red

• higher normal pre-tensioning force STF = 500 kg with long ratchet handle (300 mm clamping lever)

• high ratio: 17-tooth ratchet instead of 11-tooth cog

• with pull ratchet (ERGO) instead of conventional push ratchets ("pulling rather than pushing")

• especially tough polyester webbing

• GS-approved accord. DIN EN 12195-2

Advantage: more than double the clamping force value at the same manual force, the load is lashed more securely

Result: The same load can be secured with far fewer restraint straps

with pull ratchet clamping element ("pulling rather than pushing")

The quoted max. load capacity is in circumference. On use in straight lift the max. load capacity halves!

ref. no.
load capacity in straight
load capacity in round tension
37173 8 m 50 mm 2,500 kg 5,000 kg 1/8 144
37174 10 m 50 mm 2,500 kg 5,000 kg 1/8 144