• 75 mm-wide strap for even pressure distribution

• claw hook

TF• galvanised long-lever push ratchet for high pre-tensile force S =500kg

TF pre-tensile force • a high LC tensile force and high S are the requirements for securing items correctly with just a few lashing straps using low lashing

• PU-impregnated for better UV protection

• strap made from durable polyester material

• GS-tested according to DIN EN 12195-2

• application: alternative to heavy lashing chains; transport of heavy machinery, e.g. on low-loaders, lashing of particularly heavy loads

The quoted max. load capacity is in circumference. On use in straight lift the max. load capacity halves!

ref. no.
load capacity in straight
load capacity in round tension
37190 8 m 5,000 kg 10,000 kg 1/4 36