Long-Sleeved Pesticide Apron

Complies with the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL) guidelines

• to wear upon contact with undiluted pesticides (e.g. filling and cleaning spraying equipment, or filling sowing machines)

• easy and fast to apply and remove, meaning no carry-over of chemical residues in the tractor cabin

• also mostly covers the back

• long sleeves

• hook-and-loop fastener at the neck

• universal size that goes up to over the boots

• the length of the sleeves and apron is easy to tailor to the size of the wearer

• reusable and washable

• Material: polypropylene

• Thickness: 125 micron

• developed in collaboration with SYNGENTA

• use in agriculture, vineyards and orchards

• certified according to EN ISO 13688:2013 and EN ISO 27065:2017 power level C3 (PROWL test) and EN 14605+A1:2009 [PB3]

ref. no.
15619 125 cm 100 cm 1/50