12 Volt Premium AGM 15 Ah Complete Set

• for all 9 Volt devices that are also designed for 12 Volt operation

• the rechargeable 12 Volt, 15 Ah (C100) AGM battery can be recharged via a power pack

• the integrated charger controller prevents overcharging and protects against deep discharge

• an optional 5 Watt solar module (item no. 375056) can also be connected during grazing periods for continual operation

Supplies: AGM battery 12 Volt, 15 Ah (C100) incl. charger; 230 V power pack

• rechargeable AGM fleece battery

• filled and charged, ready to install immediately

• 1-year warranty (does not cover deep discharging)

• capacity data for a 100-hour standard charge (C100)

• low self-discharging compared to standard batteries

• in OEM quality

• better charging characteristics than standard lead/acid and AGM batteries (e.g. when charging from solar panels)

• supports short charge/discharge cycles better than standard lead/acid or AGM batteries (micro-cycle window)

• can be stored for at least 9 months

• leakproof: double cover with safety valve, gas recombination and backfire protection

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AGM battery 12 V, 15 Ah
150 x 100 x 115 mm 1