• optimised blade geometry with hollowed grinding

• improved grinding capacity and increased material service life for long periods of use

• selected steel tool with special hardening

• suitable for constanta, FarmClipper and other common brands, such as Heiniger, Aesculap and Liscop

constanta clippers – developed with the aim of building the perfect clipper:

• their weight, centre of gravity and shape have been selected to ensure that working with them is as fatigue-free as possible.

• optimised ventilation technology provides perfect cooling of the cutter head and shearing blades

• service-friendly shell housing

• air filter can be replaced without tools

• Supra Shearing Blades: the newly-developed tooth geometry and the special hollow grind enable the lower blade to slide into the fleece even more easily and align the hair perfectly for the cut. Even the toughest coat conditions are no challenge for the Supra Shearing Blades from Kerbl!

ref. no.
Premium shearing blade set 31F/15 teeth, fine cut, skin-level