Biotin 2000 Super

Suplementary feed for horses

Biotin 2000 Super is a comprehensive preparation that strengthens the tendons and joints, improves hoof growth and strengthens the coronary band, connective tissue, hooves and skin.

• high-quality biotin preparation containing zinc, kieselgur and sulphur

• biotin is an essential vitamin that aids the formation of the hard protein keratin in the skin, hair and horn

• Kieselgur supplements the horse's silicic acid requirements and has an activating and strengthening effect on the skin and coat

• Zinc plays an important role in the formation and regeneration of skin, hair and horn cells

• sulphur (DL-methionine) is beneficial to the growth of horn cells and so contributes to hoof health maintenance

• feeding instructions: approx. 2 to 4 g / 100 kg body weight daily

Quality from Bavaria!

ref. no.
325118 750 g 1/6