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Pregnancy diagnosis

Pregnancy Test for cows

Quick test after 35 days after insemination!

The Test enables you to check for pregnancy quickly and easily.

It is possible to test for pregnancy at an early stage, i.e. starting approx. 35 days after insemination.

Re-checks make it easy to confirm the pregnancy.

Using the test, you can test whether or not a cow is pregnant directly in the stable with just one drop of blood.

This test detects the hormone in the cow's blood, which indicates pregnancy.

It is a protein that is formed during pregnancy and increase over the course of pregnancy.

The detection of it is much more reliable than the detection of progesterone.


• the test result appears after a max. of 15 minutes

• if a test line and a control line appear on the test cassette, then the cow is pregnant

• if only the control line appears, then there is no pregnancy or the PAG concentration is still too low

• wait a few days and then re-test the cow

• if no pregnancy is again indicated, you can target the cycle of the cow so that the cow can be serviced or inseminated again at the next best possible time

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