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Water Bowl & Water Trough

Trough Drinkers

Inclined base drinker

made of V2A stainless steel, for wall or floor mounting

• large drain (Ø 100mm) and inclined trough base ensure rapid draining of the water and self-cleaning of the trough

• drain plug with bayonet fitting and overflow, i.e. opening the drain with a simple turning movement and with dry hands

• drain connection so suit KG pipe DN 100

• high-performance float valve 3/4": 54 l/min at 5 bar, 41 l/min at 3 bar (can be fitted from both sides)

• valve cover can be removed without tools

For keeping inclined base drinkers frost-free:

• 200 W electric heater, integrated (Art. No. 221091, 221092, 221093) or retrofittable (Art. No. 221094)

• through-pipe, retrofittable (Art. No. 221096)

made from V2A stainless steel, for wall or floor mounting

With 200 W heating frost-resistant to temperatures of -15 °C!

ref. no.



1set of support feet (4 in number), hot-dip galvanised


Additional / replacement 200 W Heater


Float valve 220P