When you want the certainty needed for trouble-free breeding without unpleasant surprises (such as false pregnancies, fertility disorders, etc.) and want to help avoid cuts in profitability due to non-pregnancy, the use of HK Pregnancy Testers provides the required certainty.

Using the pregnancy tester, you can detect pregnant sows 30 days after the last insemination with over 90 % certainty.

The devices are characterised by the following:

• choose between battery or rechargeable battery operation

• audible and visible display of pregnancy

• on and off by simple touch of a button

• automatic shut-off to avoid unnecessary energy consumption

• removable robust clip for safe belt attachment

• battery department with safety closure isolated from the rest of the electronic unit

• supplied with case for safe storage

• delivery without battery charger

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Pregnancy Tester with Spiral Cord + Probe
Charger with 9 V NiMH Battery Pack
9 V Alkaline Battery Pack