Footbath SuperKombi14 of 20Disinfection Mat Standard


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Hoof and Claw Care

Disinfection and Care Products


For caring for cattle hooves

• can be used as a hoof bath or for direct application

• hardens, cares for and regenerates reliably, for healthy hooves and efficient animals

• as a hoof bath for 75 – 90 animals, mix 1 l of ClawPlus with 200 litres of water

• as a hoof bath for more than 90 animals, mix 2 l of ClawPlus with 200 litres of water

• as direct application, apply in a ratio of 1:3 with water in a spray bottle and spray the hooves directly 2 x daily

• should be used as regularly as possible as a Hoof Bath for the entire herd 1-2 times per week

• in cases of severe attack, the concentration can be gradually increased to 1-2 %

Penetrates deep into the keratin and has an excellent effect!

* Take care when using biocides. Always read the label and product information before use!

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16397 5 l 1 1/4 128
16398 25 l 1 1 24
16394 200 l 2 1 2