Anthrolan®-N hoof and claw spray11 of 20Chinoseptan® Hoof and Claw Care Ointment


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Hoof and Claw Care

Disinfection and Care Products

Podoseptan® Claw Paste

Nourishing paste for claws, hooves and horn

Nourishes, protects and regenerates the soft tissue of claws and hooves (bulbs, coronary band, interdigital space, frogs).

• for the care of keratin defects on hooves/claws

• promotes healthy horn growth

• keeps the hoof and claw keratin elastic

• promotes the natural resistance of the keratin material


• thoroughly clean and dry the skin areas

• shear off any bonded hair

• apply a thick layer of hoof paste

• regular application increases the nourishing effect

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16400 500 g 1/12