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Hoof and Claw Care

Abrasive Discs PHILIPSEN

Super Abrasive Disc, double-sided

• double-sided fitting

• granulation front 30, back 10

• recommended for the experienced farmer/ hoof care expert

including Vibra-Stop

The original Philipsen abrasive disc has already proven its exceptional quality in practical use a thousand times. The abrasive disc, especially designed for the care of cattle claws, results in extreme longevity.

Equipping: The equipping tells you how dense the hard metal pieces on the disc are scattered. A low-density equipping has the advantage that the claw chips don’t stick so easily between the hard metal pieces and therefore the disc doesn’t get soiled so quickly. More claws can be treated before the abrasive disc has to be cleaned. On the other hand, we recommend a high-density equipping for very hard claws, especially when the cattle stays out in the pastures more frequently.

We recommend the double-sided equipped types of abrasive discs to the frequent and professional user. Different granulation and equipping on front and back of the abrasive disc ensure a perfect claw care!

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16337 115 mm 1 1/50
16338 125 mm 1 1/50