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Hoof and Claw Care

Abrasive discs

Cutting Disc P6

Functional hoof care has many requirements and that's why the successful P6 Cutting Disc now comes in two sizes: 105 and 125 cm!

• the further optimised geometry and arrangement of the cutting sets mean that the P6 can be used to treat both the sole of the hoof and the interdigital space with excellent results

• depending on the experience and practical needs of the user, the P6 provides an optimal tool for all user groups due to the availability of different diameters!

• the P6 thus has the significant advantage that no other hoof care tool is necessary

Other advantages of the new P6:

• complete base Disc: quieter operating noise and reduced vibrations increased the Disc's service life

• inclined contact surface: perfect handling and high ergonomic efficiency

• carbide blade made from the finest grain alloy with improved durability allows the processing of up to 1,500 pairs of hooves (prerequisite: no stone inclusions!)

• cutting geometry: optimised position of the blade for the cleanest cut

• processing advantage: up to 40 % faster material removal than with conventional cutting discs

• cutting height: 1.8 mm

max. 1500 hooves

Developed with professional hoof trimmers!

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16358 105 mm 1/50
16360 125 mm 1/50